Change in status?

  1. I came here on F-1 , graduated and working now. My employer petitioned for me in August but I'm yet to recieved my green card. So far, I have recieved i-131 approval, and my work permit should be on the way. I want to take some classes next spring and was wondering if I'm still considered as an F-1 student. A change in status saves me load and loads of money, if not I would just have to stay home for another year. Can somebody please help answer this? Thanks.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It will be months before you get your green card. Once your petition was submitted, your F-1 status ceases to exist. That is why you were required to get the I-131 in case that you wish to travel............

    You had an Adjustment of Status filed on your behalf...........But I would follow up with your attorney, if you were petitioned in August, you should have had your EAD by now. Nurses that I know that had their papers submitted in mid to late October already have their EAD.

    How are you working now, if you are waiting for your EAD? Are you working under the OPT?
  4. by   owura143
    Yes, I'm using my OPT now. Some attorneys are just liars!! I submitted all my documents in August, then, I called and followed-up on them, I asked if its been submitted to the USCIS and she said yes. Now, I called back in early September to inquire if she had recieved reciepts for the filed documents. At that point, she told me she hadnt submitted them but she was gonna do it as soon as possible. When I checked the status using my I-797C document reciept number, it shows that the documents were filed on September 15th. Nevertheless, as you said , I should have recieved my EAD by now. Am I also caught in the retrogression net? Documents were filed at the Texas Service Center.
  5. by   suzanne4
    As long as your documents were filed before the October 30 cut-off date, you will get your EAD for that petition..............but as far as the wait for getting the green card? Crystal ball is out of commission this week.