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poll question: They said that CG is a predictor of NCLEX. Who, If I may ask, have passed the NCLEX-RN EXAM the first time yet failed the CGFNS? any reply would be appreciated. tnx..:idea:... Read More

  1. by   mtreyes
    Quote from gumdrop
    .... I also took the CGFNS last july and did not make it. I agree with suzanne not to take CGFNS again and just to focus on the NCLEX. Right now, I'm trying to finish the Saunder's. :spin:
    saunder is a very good book.. goodluck
  2. by   adangerousbeauty
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    I think that also puts the US employer at a disadvantage. A US employer brings a foreign nurse to the States to do a registered nurse's job. When the foreign nurse fails to pass the NCLEX, he or she, as a result, cannot function as an RN. That would have wasted the employer's investments in bringing him or her to the US. Likewise, the US government would have wasted an immigrant visa granted to a CGFNS passer who cannot get an RN license, when the visa could have gone to a foreign nurse who has passed the NCLEX and now holds a US license.
    hmmm...though-provoking points there BTW.

    I agree and IMO NCLEX-RN is easier to pass than the CGFNS exam. I took NCLEX RN last March 15, 06. I took CGFNS last March 08, 06...exactly a Wednesday in between the two about suicide!

    I got my NCLEX result 2 days after (passed)...I got my CG result 2 mos after (passed). I tried to synthesize what my CG exam report was talking about re: what topics I should concentrate on studying to be able to pass the NCLEX. Most of my performance per topic is on or just below the desirable score...Raaatsss! So now what? They tell me to study harder coz i'm on the borderline? Then how the hell was i able to pass the NCLEX in 75 questions?:trout: