CGFNS - CVS for NYS help please - page 2

Hi nurses, I'm a new member here and I've been reading alot with regards to CGFNS' CVS. I know it's a pretty popular topic and that's why I'm having a hard time finding the answer I've been looking... Read More

  1. by   rimalree28
    Hi jenny!! Sorry to trouble you.but my order status is exactly same as of yours.can you please help me??what did you do to send those license validation form and transcript validation form ?Are they different from authorization forms?where do i get those forms so that i can send them.CGFNS even emailed me asking for those forms and that my application will be cancelled if they don't get these forms by 1 month.I am really in trouble and nobody to guide me.Please do reply if you can.Thank you
  2. by   mwank77
    Hi, just want to ask a question for applying cgfns NY. do they need my school papers for my highschool or just your transcript from the philippines? or do they contact the secondary school that you went too? thank you for all the answer in advance