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  1. Hi,does any one know how much time a cgfns certificate takes to reach to candidate once it is mailed from cg office??i am waiting for last ten days.No reference number or tracking number given to me.Is it delivered by courier or snail mail??thanks in advance for reply.
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  3. by   Rep
    Usually by post mail. From the date they released the results, the certificate will arrive within a month or two. Congrats!
  4. by   lekeita
    CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAATS it depend on where you come from . Mine crawled for 103 days , it was delivered through standard ground mail.
  5. by   mtreyes
    i got my mail in 3 weeks ... maybe because of the address i used which is also in the states
  6. by   elfchen1
    it took 3 month to find the way to my adress!!!!

    take your time and relax!!!! that's the only thing that you can do.....

  7. by   musee
    hi there, flying high....congrats for passing the cgfns...i am scheduled to take the cgfns exam on november and still not confident in passing it...can you give me some tips or advise on how did you prepare for the exam? thanks so much
  8. by   elfchen1

    to be honest, I have no klue, how I passed cgfns..... I passed it with 1 point over the limit...... the questions are so stupid..... but the only thing that really helps mew as to take your time to read the questions.....

    I took it twice, and the first time, I finished it to early.

    I wish you good luck and all the best!!!
    my fingers are crossed!!!!

    best wishes
  9. by   flyinghigh
    Hi Friends,
    I prepared for cgfns in just 3 months without any review classes.i will not advice for that also.I read all the instructions carefully on the cgfns site about the exam.exam module is like Nclex exam module.difference is only it is in two different shift and paper-pencil test where you can recheck your answer and coorect if needed,whereas Nclex-rn exam is Computer adaptive. and in one sitting only.
    In exam there are different sets so it sure that all candidates may not have same Qs in same order or entire Qs set is different.
    on my personal experience i can give tips-
    plan you study hours according to your convenience.and follow tips given in any preparation guide books.I would recommend reading-1-Kaplan
    2-saunders' review with CD and mosby's review.
    I also studied lippincott and NSNA but i would not recommend them at all as there are different rationals i stopped reading them after few tests. so better to concentrate on one or two books.
    If you can just go thru mosby or saunders' for review and do as many as Qs you can.
    3-Don't get tempted by' CG secrets' etc online sold books,i purchased that too but i would ask you to think twice before you has given me no benefit at all.
    what i feel preparation is more or less like NCLEX -rn exam[because i am preparing for tht now using Suzanne's first tip.
    -while preparing for exam-forget abt everthing other than your target to pass till your brain is no more grasping anything.-[may be for 2-3 hrs at a stretch]
    -note down time for any test you complete.because time is important in cg. exam-u will get only one minute per Question to read and answer.
    -Pray to god everyday for success.BE POSITIVE about yourself.
    -you are a nurse you know the content -practice more and more tests.
    -do relaxation exercise,listen music,talk to frnds when you feel exhausted.
    -well these all are from my experience.hope you can get some benefit out of it.
  10. by   flyinghigh
    I prepared for cgfns in just 3 months without any review classes.i will not advice for that also --i meant to say i will not advice for any review classes because you are nurse completed degree-u know the content and now a days review books are very helpful in preparation for think twice before putting your time and money for review classess.=thanks
  11. by   lekeita
    Waoh !!! what a beautiful testimony. When did you complete the CP ? Have you applied for VSC if not do so . All the best.
  12. by   flyinghigh
    Quote from lekeita
    Waoh !!! what a beautiful testimony. When did you complete the CP ? Have you applied for VSC if not do so . All the best.
    Thanks! Yes i got it few days back as it was delivered thru courier.waiting for Cg certificate which was mailed earlier.

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