1. :angryfire I'm trying to send off my Visa screen & CANNOT get through the system to do so!! First it's taking AGES to get through each page (yes I've disabled pop-ups etc etc) then it takes you to an email verification page. You fill that in then you have to WAIT for them to send you a verification mail with a link page & then when you finally get through all that and into their system when you try & bring up your info it just comes up with a server error page. It took me 30 minutes & all I got to was an ERROR PAGE!!!!!!!!!:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

    I wouldn't mind but all I want to do is pay them $325 or whatever the current price is to get my application on its way!

    I knew they took their time with paperwork etc but now it seems they've even managed to make the internet slow!!!!!!!!:deadhorse

    Anyone else had the same trouble???
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  3. by   **nurse**
    have no idea what you are ranting about but I love the beating the dead horse icon!!!!!!!

    Sometimes the phone works better than the internet, though when I was trying to sign up with vonage and couldn't do it after an hour thirty minutes i didn't WANT to use the landline i was about to terminate for internet phone service.

    hope you got it done, anyway.
  4. by   RGN1
    Well 1 hour later I'm on the page where I am supposed to be able to access my documentation. So far that's taken 10 mins to try & load & is not there yet!