CES for NCLEX (Newyork State)

  1. Hi ,
    I have some doubts about CES ..Any help appreciate!!!!!!!

    I am a registered nurse trained in India and currently working in Ireland. I've appeared for CGFNS in 2004 but failed. Now I am writing 2006,march exam and applying for NCLEX (New york state) also .But regarding the documents about NCLEX,I am bit confused..if u can bring some light on this,would be great..

    1) As per my knowledge ,when I apply for CES for New york ,it is a separate application form.
    Do I need to send all my transcripts and validation form from licencing body again to CGFNS ( because I 've already sent all the documents/transcripts when I first appeared)

    2) Do I have to attest the CES form by Notary?

    3) In 7th column,they are asking for US social security Number /New york state assigned Number. So what about these ?

    4) Do I need to send the Visa screen application same time?

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   suzanne4
    For NY, you must use the CVS form, and they are unable to use any of the documents that you submitted in the past. Look at the application and you will see this explicitly at the top of the page. The documents can be used for other applications, but only following afte they were received for the CVS. This is a requirement of New Yor, not CGFNS.

    The forms must be notorized and they must be done in the US Embassy, each document will require a separate payment.

    You can send the Visa Screen Certificate at the same time.

    There is absolutely no reason for you to even be worrying about taking the CGFNS exam in March. NCLEX is offered in London now.

    For the NY application, you just need to include a copy of your passport, you do not have a SSN#.