1. hello... im a newly passed registered nurse here in the philippines. and currently working on my visa canada. i don't have any nursing working experience yet. but i already signed my contract as a Personal CAre attendant there while working on my CRNE liscence.

    wanna ask...
    is it possible that i can apply for CRNE without any nursing working experience? because i'm working on right now all my documents including my phillippine nursing registration and transcript of records. and having IELTS review for IELTS exam.

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  3. by   roll_69
    Hi Hope..hows James.... u dont need job expirience to sit the CNRE as long as you meet all the requirements...all u have to do is to register to the provincial nursing association..e.g. BC,Alberta, appropriate fees, pass english test. Once they've make u eligible to take the exam you'll pay another fee and schedule for the exam, which are given only trice a year..Feb,June,Oct.

    goodluck...regards to Kris
  4. by   hope_nurse
    thank you roll_69...
    how did you know about that?

    nway.. james is ok...
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  5. by   roll_69
    I've done the CNRE last february in Saskatoon, but I havent got the result yet...
    Have u already got a job offer from ur employer? Was it been approved by LMO? Hows ur visa application going on? Did u file it in Manila? How quickly do they response?