Canadian RNs... please lend me your expertise.

  1. Hello all...
    I'm completing a lightening fast BSN program (18 months), I've been an RN for a number of years now and I'm looking to emigrate to Canada. I've been looking for information on licensure endorsement, or how my license would transition, and I'm hopelessly confused.
    Can anyone offer any information on Canadian licensure?
    Is there as much a nursing shortage there as there is here, in the states? I'd probably relo near Toronto, but my options are very open right now.
    Any information would be appreciated!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Your BSN degree make you elligible for registration in Canada as long as you did the required number of hours in the different specialties. If you are wanting to register in Ontario, you'd have to go through CNO ( ) to get permission to take the Canadian nursing exam. After you pass that, you'll be able to get your lisence and find work. Immigrating isn't too tough if you choose to get a NAFTA visa.