Canadian Registered Psychiatric Nurse moving to Australia

  1. To all Canadian Registered Psychiatric Nurses looking to move to Australia or have successfully moved and now working in Australia. Please let me know the hurdles you've experienced with AHPRA and any hurdles finding work.

    I have completed the application to AHPRA; AHPRA is now just waiting on the school I attended to send them documents.

    I am 29 years old so I have one year left for a working visa. There is also an option to do a sponsorship visa which is approx $4,000.00 but I'm unsure how difficult or doable it is to be sponsored prior to showing up in Australia.

    I also have around $30,000.00 saved up to make the transition easier and to not be too worried about finances when I first get there.

    Anybody out there experiencing or has experienced what I am going through?

    Thank you for your time.
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