Canadian nurse wanting to work in Arizona in the future

  1. I would like to work in Arizona sometime in the foreseeable future (my husband and I own a house in Phoenix) and would like to write the NCLEX-RN now so that I am partly prepared when we eventually decide to make the move. The Arizona BON emailed me a document stating that I need to have my credentials evaluated by CGFNS before I can get authorization to write the exam. My question is, what is the cheapest way for me to get licensed in Arizona? Are there any Canadian nurses working in Arizona who got their education verified by getting CNA to send a passing score to AZBN? I am thinking this might be the cheapest option but would like to hear what others have done to get licensed in Arizona. Thx in advance.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    As a foreign nurse you have to meet their requiremetns and if that means CES then you have no choice but to get it done. Until then they will not give you permission to sit NCLEX and for you to work as a RN. Would you be going for a TN visa? Also have you checked out the Phoenix state forum as many post there on difficulties finding work and nurses being laid off?
  4. by   tkhun
    Thank you for your response. I would not be going for the TN1 visa or any visa at the moment because we have not even made a final decision on whether to go to the States or not. I just want to get the NCLEX so that if we ever decide to move to the US, I'll have it already. I chose Arizona simply because we own a house there and because it is a compact state and it might be easier for me to transfer the license to another compact state such as Texas if we end up not picking Arizona as the place to go to. I have heard that the process of getting licensed in the US can be long and costly so I would like to work through it one tiny step at a time. Thanks again for your response.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Being compact only helps if your main residence is kept in one state and work in another. If you plan on working and living in one state then you need to have a valid license for that state. IE having Az license but main residence and job in Texas then you have to endorse license to Texas and meet their requirements. I would say your current best visa is TN as retrogression means you will be waiting several years for a immigrant visa. (just something for you to be aware of) On average you are looking at 4-6 months to be licensed in the US and meet BON requirements for Foreign trained nurse. Once passed NCLEX you will need to get VSC and this is for any type of immigrant/work visa. Also be aware if you do go for TN visa only you can work your husband will have to get their own visa allowing them to work