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  1. Hi there!

    I am a Canadian RN (Have written the NCLEX for licensure) and am looking to explore my opportunities for gaining employment in Germany. I am working in an Emergency Department. My partner is German and he's having a difficult time immigrating to Canada so I want to explore my options on living there. I am wondering if it is possible for an English speaker to get employment in Germany?

    Are there any English Speaking Nurse jobs within the country? (I would be willing to go to language classes of course)

    Here I make around $32.80 an hour, would I be making close to that amount in Germany? Or at least a "Liveable" amount of money?

    I am wondering how I can best go about trying to get employment there and what my options are.
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  3. by   German1968
    Hello, first of all, there is no way to compare german Nursing with Canadian or US Nursing. I am a german trained Nurse, and our License is somewhat more general, which means that we do not have as many different fields of specialty. To answer your Question about english speaking Nursing Jobs, I am afraid that there are no such Jobs in the German System. The only Chance you would have, is to apply in an US, British or Canadian Military Hospital, but those Jobs are very rare and far between because the Army or whatever Branch usually prefferes Spouses of Members. If you where able to talk German, I am sure you would have no trouble finding a Job. Income is based on experiance, as well as the kind of Hospital. On average the Basic Income will be around 2000 Euro/ per month. As far as optaining a License you would have to get with the corresbonding Landesamt, depending on which State you want to live an work. Once your License is issued, you can work wherever you want in Germany, and the License is good for Life, meaning it does not need to be renewed