Can it be done?

  1. Hello, Hoosier nurses.
    My fiance and I need some help. Lyn has been granted a K1 (fiance) visa and will be arriving in the US from the Philippines in about a month to marry me. She just received her BSN from Western Mindanao State University, but waited to be licensed here in Indiana as an RN. Has anyone any information about how an unlicensed foreign graduate nurse goes about being licensed here? I believe Indiana requires the CGFNS, but without a license already in place, she is not eligible to take it. There must be a way that I am overlooking, and we'd surely appreciate someone pointing us in the right direction.
    Thank you for any and all comments.
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  3. by   Mechi
    Call/write if you want to do it : INDIANA NURSING BOARD international licence requirements to meet the RN NCLEX.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Check to see what there requirements are for endorsing, she may be able to endorse to them from another state without the CGFNS exam. If not, then she will need to follow their requirements, or work in a sister state.

    There are several states that require the CGFNS exam for initial licensure, but not for endorsement. You will have to check this out.