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Hello there, I am a 4th year nursing degree student considering my future career path. I am considering joining the armed forces, however the recruiters would not give me any straight... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Thank you for acknowledging my apology, Zhakrin. Best of everything to you in whatever decisons you make for your life!
  2. by   lesley
    Hey I have been in the reserves as a medic for 6 years...I know several nurses who recommend military nursing. True you are obliged to sign up for 9 years. Along with this comes multiple moves (q3yrs) and possible instability in relationships.For example, if you and your spouse are in the forces, they might not put you together. The people I have talked to are going on tours to Africa, working with the Dutch, doing routine postings in the States and in the UK, especially Edinburgh and some towns in Germany. I would recommend nursing in the military if you are single and love to travel. It starts with basic training for 8 weeks in St. Jean, PQ and from there you move into your posting depending on availability. You do basic clinical nursing until you gain seniority and basically top out at Major. From there you can get specialty courses in air evacuation, ER, and menatl health. If you want to go past major, a you must take a bilingual conversion course. Here is some info ...I hope it is helpful to you...Cheers!
  3. by   Zhakrin
    Thank you for the info Lesley. (Zhakrin Salutes)