Can anybody give me info on Masters programs for nurses through distance education?

  1. Hi
    I'm just wondering if other nurses out there have investigated distance education programs (masters in nursing ) or are currently enrolled is such programs. I am really wanting to pursue my masters but feel that the distance route is the best one for me. Some input would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   nightingale
    I am currently lookng at an MSN program that is offered at the University of Wyoming. It is all online and is for Nurse EDucator. To be honest, I am not sure it it is a certified program. Part of the appeal is that you can use it toward hours for a NP program (that I think would be in part on campus).

    What type of program are you thinking about?
  4. by   PButler
    Try Athabasca in Alberta or University of Phoenix (US). As far as I know both of these offer MSN via Distance or online. Good luck
  5. by   Carol Twaits
    I am a Maternal-Child Health RN working in N.Y. City. I am currently enrolled in a Mastern's in Administration Program, but travel to campus. I feel that you need to pursue an program that is going to meet your needs. I am in school part-time, but I am ENJOYING THE JOURNEY, please do the same. I ask for your assistance with a school project. I am looking for an International RN to communicate with me and to help me explore, compare, and evaluate the effects of cultural diversity on the health status and response to care in their perspective communities. If you are willing to help - please reply. Thank you.

  6. by   Stormy
    We have several nurses at our institution who have recently started their Master's program at Athabasca University. So far, it is working well for them. I am doing my B.N. with them. They are a well respected University. I would also recommend checking them out.
  7. by   nhcc
    I haven't taken this course, however am aware that Charles Sturt University in Australia offers the BScN as well as the Masters in Nursing.

    I'll be entering the BScN in Feb., therefore have researched this particular facility. From my research, apparently the degrees are recognized in Ontario (know of two people in particular) at the BScN, therefore would assume the Masters is as well. There is a facilitator in Ancaster for local directions. If interested e-mail me or go to their site

    Good Luck, learning is awesome!

  8. by   Canuck
    Yup are correct. I started at Charles Sturt last September and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I am doing my Bachelor's but I know of a few people who are doing their Master's through charles sturt.....the beauty of distance education!!!