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  1. hey, is there anyone currently working for the Calgary Health Region? i'm moving to Calgary in a month and wanted a little more info on what the working conditions are like...

    also, has anyone dealt with their recruiting office? what will they do for you?

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  3. by   JohntravoltaRN
    I am moving back to Calgary from Ontario this summer. I worked in Calgary right after graduating University in '98. I worked at Peter Lougheed Hospital on the Medsurg floor. The nurse manager was great, and the nurses were the best I've worked with.

    Now I'm an ER Nurse, and am looking to come back to Calgary. Lots of jobs, and they are willing to pay for my move. Now I just have to decide where I want to work. The nice thing is, the variety of places that you can work in the city.

    Email me if you have any questions.
  4. by   canoehead
    They are willing to pay for the move??? Woooohooooo!

    My sister just moved to Calgary, and I've been thinking about going there too, but couldn't afford the move right now, man now I am STOKED!!!

    I will also be applying to Peter Lougheed, maybe we could start an allnurses fan club!
  5. by   JohntravoltaRN
    As long as you are an experienced nurse, I think they want at least 2 years full-time acute care experience, they will pay a portion of your move. Check the website under Opportunities. It's under something like, WORKING HERE.

    Anyway, I'm quite excited myself. I think I'm gonna fly out there in a couple of weeks, and meet with some of the Nurse Managers to get a feel for the different hospitals.

    Peter Lougheed was a great place to work. Friendly staff, feels like a small hospital.