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i am a registered nurse in iligan city.. i will be taking the NCLEX this coming january ang my CGFNS this march.. i really wich to review in cagayan de oro city.. if there's any review centers in... Read More

  1. by   keishaRN
    so if in case i pass my NCLEX this coming January, applications for US would still be very possible despite not taking the CGFNS? Im sorry, i dont really dont have much idea about all this.. I have been told by my agency that it is better that pass both exams since it would be an edge for my applications. although they still don't know i'm taking the NCLEX this coming january ahead of time..
  2. by   keishaRN
    so if that is the case, how come many still take the CGFNS before taking the NCLEX when its not needed in the first place..? and after i pass the NCLEX, the next step is the VISA Screen right? whats that for again?