CA RN license renewal for a foreign RN graduate

  1. Hello, EVERYONE! I am a new member of this forum, but not a new reader. I have been following threads from this forum for several months now. I have been trying to log in but I've been having problems with my computer back then. Now that it is fixed, I'm happy to be able to finally become a member.

    I have a question that I hope anyone of you readers can answer. I'm still a Filipino, who fortunately passed the CA NCLEX in 2003 (I have a visitor's visa) and got my license in Dec. of the same year. My CA license will expire this coming Dec. My problem is that I cannot renew it because I still have no SSS no. since I'm still currently residing and working in my country. My petition is still underway, but it's still a long way to go.

    I emailed the CA BON and was informed that I would need to submit proof of 30 hrs of Continuing education to be able to renew my license after it's expiry. Although, I have read in their website that one can apply for an Exemption for the Continuing Education requirement if "he/she can submitproof that he/she is a resident of another country for more than a year and currently employed". Does the word currently employed means I am employed specifically as an RN or any job will suffice? does this rule apply to me (being a foreigner)? I have inquired about this renewal and even explained about my situation; but the person who replied to my email did not mention anything about exemptions.

    Please enlighten me, anyone?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Even if an exemption is available, I always recommend getting the 30 credits to renew the license, and for others, whatever their state requires.

    And this goes for whether you are currently working as a nurse or not. It is quite easy to get the hours and can be done 100% on the computer in most cases. This will only help better prepare you for working in the US.
    Things are done quite differently over here, and you can never have to much information in your head to help you.

    It will only make you a better nurse...............
  4. by   linRN2
    thank you very much, suzanne4! this will be a load off my chest. you know, i had a strong feeling that you would be the first one to reply to this inquiry.
    god bless you...

  5. by   suzanne4
    You never know when I will be around.
    You will find that 30 hours every two years are actually very little in the way of a required amount. I usually have over 150 hours every year.

    What can I say??? I love to learn........this is how I help others as well.
  6. by   linRN2
    Same here. I love to learn as well. That is why nursing is already my 3rd course. My only concern re- continuing ed. is that it may add to the delay in my license renewal... that is, if I'll have to take it when I get to the States yet. Now that I know that doing it in the computer is allowed by the Board, then I don't think there is much of a problem.

    Thanks again!
  7. by   suzanne4
    you are welcome.