Body mapping...A+P question!

  1. Can any one help?

    I'm trying to find information on body mapping, you know specific areas of the body with a specific name with regard to wounds. I have hundreds of A+P books but they're no good

    For example......Anal cleft. ileac area, upper outer quadrant etc. I know areas relating to surgery such as incision sites but nothing regarding skin wounds.

    Can anyone suggest a good place to start looking.

    Thanks in antcipation of a reply :kiss
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  3. by   tony summers
    There are several surface anatomy books around that do what you want. You probably need to actually visit a specialist medical book shop to get one that particularly suits you, rather than rely on buying on the internet. They can be expensive like most medical books.
  4. by   frannybee

    Your A+P lecturer should be able to help you here (if you are a student). Do a search for topography, or surface anatomy, or external anatomical landmarks and see what you come up with. The areas you mentioned aren't specific to wounds as you prolly know but are always good to know for descriptive purposes.
    If all else fails, have *another* look at those A+P books you say are no good - you'll be surprised how much is in there that you didn't see on the first frantic flick through. I just wish I could remember the one I used at uni, it had a full rundown.

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  5. by   frannybee
    Been thinking over lovely Aussie red wine....Tortora rings a bell - if it's the same one, it's a great text. The 2001 edition has a chapter on surface anatomy, should be of assistance. Borrow and photocopy if you can. it's damned expensive to buy!
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  6. by   tony summers
    Tortora is quite a nice easy a&p book to read, we used marieb when i trained good but very complicated.
  7. by   frannybee
    That's why I liked it so much A+P was confusing enough, an easy to read text made it just a tad easier to learn.
  8. by   chrisrob
    another Tortora fan i'v just used it to photocopy pics to teach a first aid course they were really helpful/useful
  9. by   Shapeless
    Cheers guys :kiss

    I'll see if I can get a copy of it from my library, do any of you know the isbn number?
  10. by   frannybee
    Have moved to the UK since I last used it, and sadly had to leave it in Oz. should have it though.