BN from UK to CRNA/PA/NP in US?

  1. Sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find it. I am studying a Bachelors of Nursing in the UK and I am trying to figure out what I will do afterward. I know that I will be moving to the USA because my wife is from there, but I am not sure exactly what I want to do once I am there.

    How realistic is it to become either a CRNA, PA or NP directly from my British BN? I realise that for the CRNA and NP I would have to work as an RN for a year or two first, which I don't mind. How long would it most likely take to become each of these? Will it be very expensive? I don't mind waiting until I get citizenship status if it means tuition will be less.

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Thread moved to International Forum since it is specific to working and training in the US.

    Your first issue will be to make sure that you have hours in all of the required areas, not all programs have that in the UK....

    You will need to get a credentials evaluation done for any grad program in the US, suggest that you go the route of the CES, thru CGFNS. It is accepted by all universities in the US.

    You can go directly into an MSN program for the NP if you meet the requirements of the program...............PA does not require any nursing, but many times that program has different science requirements than the nursing track, they use the pre-med track.

    CRNA will require at least one year of work experience in the US as an RN in the ciritical care arena. Harder right now to get into CRNA school than it is to get into medical school because of the number that wish to go into it and the number of actual openings in school.

    Suggest that you get to the US and get some experience under your belt to see what you really want to do. Also depends on which state that you will be living in.

    Best of luck to you.

    p.s. You will be coming over with a green card, you do not need to wait for citizenship to get the cheaper tuition.

    The above programs that you mentioned are all two year programs.
  4. by   suzanne4
    We do have pre-CRNA forum here, as well as NP forums that you may wish to check out. Also really suggest that you shadow a CRNA when you get over here to see if that is something that would interest you. Very different from what you read about it.