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    Have you looked at your pay stub lately? There is a nasty little surprise on it from the BCNU, a 0.25% special levy. I know doesn't sound like much, why would I be upset? Did you know this special levy is going to be for 3 years? Did you also know that a special levy is not tax deductable?
    I don't understand the need for this levy, I know the past year was expensive for the union, but with us getting a wage increase, their income has also significantly increased, since they take a percentage of our wages.
    Every year I spend a paycheck, in order to be allowed to do my job and this is still not enough. I feel like I am being robbed by my own union!!!!!! We are the ones working very hard to keep this healthcare system afloat in often sub standard conditions, while they are working in their lovely office building, with rooftop garden, special little trips and so on. They are not even paying the union reps on the frontline, so where is all our money going.
    Anybody got any suggestions in this matter, I am so mad!!!!!

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  3. by   snickers
    Bcnu says that they need it to replenish the defence fund(what it has cost us for the job action last year).They say they need 4 million dollars....for our next round of bargaining go figure eh?
    Check out their(our) website at
    go down to the bottom and search special will give you info...

  4. by   Marijke
    I know that's where I got it from. I just don't understand, there was barely any strike action this time, and they didn't even pay for the job action 3 years ago, so why is the fund so depleted? It should be very full. If they can not handle this amount of job action, what will happen when there is a real strike?

  5. by   snickers
    Good Question...
    Yep we got that fancy new building in Vancouver, plus the president makes about 60,000 plus living expenses.We musn't forget about all the tv ads and the newspaper ads,I'm sure they cost big bucks, plus the bargaining committee...maybe we are paying for the lawsuit between Cathy Ferguson and Debra McPherson aswell,
    I know of many nurses who picketted during our job action and never did get paid, although I know the stewards did get paid at their hourly rate.
    My understanding is that we pay the highest union dues of any union in B.C....all that money hasn't gotten us far with this government.!!!