1. i just finished my orientation period at a toronto-area hospital, and i really want to nominate my preceptor for some kind of award for doing a great job... she REALLY deserves it, she was so patient with me.......... i want everyone to know how great she is!

    does anyone know of a preceptor award in Canada? there was one at my school, but i am not in school anymore so i am not eligable. hope you can help!!
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There are a few organizations that offer awards such as the one you're wondering about.

    Canadian Nursing Students' Association
    Awards for Preceptors and Mentors

    Recognizing the constant pressures facing nurses today, the CNSA, through the Certificate of Excellence in the Role of Nursing Preceptor / Mentor, wishes to recognize those who have assumed the role of Preceptor/Mentor and have made an outstanding contribution to the overall growth, development, and education of nursing students. CNSA members now have the opportunity to nominate those nurses they feel have had a positive effect on their nursing education. Students can nominate a nurse practicing in any capacity or role and nominations will be accepted at any time during the academic year.

    The Toronto Star's Nightingale Awards
    (nominations for this year are closed)

    The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
    Recognition Awards for a variety of qualities

    You can also check with your nursing school and the hospital you oriented at to see if they have some sort of appreciation awards. Capital Health in Alberta has the REACH Awards, the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg has it's STAR Awards... I'm sure you'll find some way to recognize your coworker's excellence.