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  1. hi colleagues, am new here. l just had an interview with avant on 21st December and said they will get back to me next week.

    how long does it take to sign the contract anybody in similar situation here?

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  3. by   SpidersWeb
    Hey Jummy1234,

    After the interview you'll be asked to provide a transcript summary form, so that Avant can approve your file for further processing. On this form you'll need to write down your nursing school hours into specific categories. This is essentially the same breakdown of subject hours as on the official CGFNS credential evaluation form (see "Request for Academic Records/Transcripts" on the CGFNS website). At this point Avant wants an unofficial assurance that your Bachelor's degree is comparable to a US degree but further along you'll be required to request that the official CGFNS form is filled out and stamped by your nursing school.

    For me personally, it took about a month to receive the offer details and the contract after sending them my transcript summary. I signed the contract and the following day I was asked to provide documents related to education, work experience, nursing license, information about prior visas/stays in the US as well as references from managers or coworkers.