Australian RN looking for where to complete CGFNS identified academic deficiencies

  1. I recently moved from Australia to Columbus, Ohio, to be with my American wife, and I intend to live and work here as a registered nurse since I now have my green card and social security number.
    I have applied to register with The Ohio Board of Nursing after having my transcript evaluated for CES with CGFNS but my CES report sent to the Ohio Board of Nursing came back with 3 deficiencies that I need to complete in order to qualify for NCLEX.
    Please, can anyone advise me on where I can take the following classes and make up the required clinical hours for;
    1. 0 Hours - Theoretical instruction completed in Maternal/Infant Nursing ( excluding gynecology )
    2. 0 Hours - Clinical practice completed in Maternal/Infant Nursing ( excluding gynecology )
    3. 0 Hours - Clinical practice completed in Nursing care of Children?

    I am happy to travel interstate if that is what it would take to complete these deficiencies.
    Urgent help needed as I plan to start the process this summer.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102

    Starting point would be contacting nursing schools and seeing if there is anything they can do or offer
  4. by   Aussienurse123
    Please keep me posted as I am in the exact same boat!!! I heard in other threads that some people obtained a verbal job agreement at a hospital, completed the required hours there and then comepleted the licensure process with a job lined up.... so maybe contact hospitals as well as universities??
  5. by   OzNurse73
    I am in a similar position. I am an Australian university trained RN/RM with 13 years experience, also have a postgrad diploma Midwifery so I am ok for clinical and theory in Maternity nursing. Also have a Masters degree in Bioethics. I am looking to relocate to Texas. My CES report came back with a deficiency in Paediatric clinical hours. I have applied through Texas BON. I am still in Australia and to date have had no luck finding any placement options through Australian universities. I am now looking at options in USA and at this stage, South Dakota State University have a RN refresher that could be adapted to include a paediatric placement, however I would need to find a willing hospital to take me on.
    It's all getting very messy and complicated, almost feel like throwing in the towel but I have invested so much time and money that I kind of want to see the process through.
    I don't know about Ohio, but you could find out whether any approved RN refresher courses could be substituted or adapted to accommodate your deficiencies.
    Best of luck. It's a tricky process!
  6. by   tochi
    Hey OzNurse73,
    I am actually getting somewhere with my search. I found a school that has promised to make it work for me by finding a program that would allow me to take only the classes I need. I will update you with more information as soon as I finalize with them. However, I think you need to be on the ground if you want to get the ball rolling faster for you. I've noticed that they are a bit sluggish here unless you are on their tail all the time.
  7. by   OzNurse73
    Thanks tochi,
    That's great. Keep me posted, I am nearly out of options so any information would be greatly appreciated!