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  1. G'day...I am about to start my second year at uni doing nursing, and am considering joining the Australian Defence Force through their Undergraduate graduate from uni as a Nursing Officer. I have read all the info about a career as a RN in the Army/Airforce, but would like to hear from anyone that does this type of nursing or from anyone that can offer any comments on military nursing in Australia...(conditions, type of opportuinites, travel, etc)...thanks heaps.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    G'day and welcome aussieboy.
    If you contact Defence Force recruiting, they will be able to provide you with all you need to know.
    The recruitment process can take time, so best to make enquiries as soon as you can and educate yourself about the whole process etc.
    Life as a nursing officer in the defence forces can bring it's own rewards, but as with everything, it has it's down sides as well.
    I wish you well.
  4. by   Grace Oz
    PS: I realise I've not answered your questions exactly! It really is something you need to actually DO yourself and assertain your own judgements etc.
    Defence life is TOTALLY different from civilian life. It's a whole other world!
    You will either like it, be suited to it, or you won't. And, unfortunately, until you've actually experienced it, you cannot know or make an informed decision.
    What anyone can/will tell you, is purely THEIR experience/perspective.
    Again, I wish you well.
  5. by   Bolts
    not sure if it's too late to reply, but here's my two cents worth. What Grace has posted is on the money, odds on you will meet people in the defence community who will recommend it, where others will tell you horror stories.

    But currently being in the defence for the last 18 yrs what I will say is defence life has MANY demands that you won't find in civillian employment, a LOT will be demanded of you, not asked. On the flip side, It also gives a lot back in other ways, travel, varied experiance, and opportunites you won't get else where.

    The friendship/mateship is a massive thing in the forces too.

    Just get all the information you can, evaluate it for yourself. And if you do get in REMAIN proactive in maintaining your clinical skills, a BIGGY.