Aussie student nurses ? re clinical placement

  1. I am asking for help from you student nurses. I am a floor nurse ( and have been for a long time), who will be instructing/facilitating the student nurses on my floor this year.

    I would appreciate any input into what made your clinical experiences great or dreadful. What you feel makes a good facilitator....or a bad one. Tell me anything you think I should know.

    Thanks for the help
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  3. by   chevswife
    hi Jax,

    well firstly, congrats on asking for information from recent students. That alone shows how resonable you are. I wish you were one of my instructors. It is so difficult sometimes in placements. I know of a few things my facilitator did that made is easier for myself & classmates so I'll jot them here for you.
    I found that by trying to match shy students with nurses who know how to help guide them, they learn to ask more questions this way.
    on the other hand, more outgoing students or students who seem to want to know everything now (so to speak) enjoy the challenge of nurses who work fast and talk less.
    Trying to match the students and then giving them more than a couple of shifts with the same preceptor makes it easier for the student to get confidence and also helps them figure out how to ask and to learn by watching as well. As you would know, not every student likes every department or floor. The more the student is informed by thier instructor and the more time they spend learning from people they feel they can trust, the easier and faster they can learn.
    Encouragement to ask questions.
    Praise for a job well done when it is (as they need to be told when they get it right).
    Keeping a diary of their day and giving them a chance to ask what they would like to learn more about. (because it is often what they know they need to learn more of.

    Some things I found terrible were,
    Nurses expecting me to know more than I did at the time, making me feel as though I was in the way rather than their to learn.
    If a student is told by their instructor to ask as many questions as you need to, to get it right, it is better than feeling awful for making mistakes.

    Being ignored or sent to do just the beds or so called (dirty jobs) and them only, instead of doing a bit of everything.

    Being told I was wrong in front of other students or patients, instead of one on one with my teacher.
    I could go on about both sides, I hope some of this helps and I wish you much luck, Im sure you will do a great job !!!
  4. by   jax
    Thank-you chevswife, great info. will take it on board.
  5. by   Tiwi
    Agree with all of the above.
    Also, make sure that the person preceptoring your student wants to do it. Easier said than done when the hospital states who / who does not preceptor students. Best of luck in your endeavours...