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  1. Hihi, I'm currently studying at uni to be an RN and would love to go overseas a couple of years after I graduate to work. The places I have done some research into are US, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

    While the international recruitment agency websites are loaded with info it is hard to gain an insight into the personal thoughts of Australian nurses overseas and how one country compares to another (if they are at all comparable).

    I'd love to hear from any Aussie nurses who are either working overseas at the moment or have done so in the past, about their favourite places to work and why. I hear that Aust qualifications are highly regarded - is this true? Is doing 1 year of post-grad here enough to then apply for overseas jobs? And is the money actually any better??? :-)

    Thanks very much!

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  3. by   renerian
    Hello Evie. I am from the states so I cannot help you. I am a wanna be Aussie I guess! LOL.

  4. by   Koalablue
    I'm interested in working in the States too, and especially would be interested about knowing about how many years post-grad you need to be. I wanna go sooner, not later!

    Any Aussies in the US who can help?