1. Has anyone tried the distance BN program with Athabasca?

    If so- how is it going.......any comments?

    I have just applied and I am awaiting course materials.

    I need to do my degree by distance and I live in Ontario.
    This program appears to fit the bill...

    Anyone have any comments- thanks alot!

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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    I haven't done any course work with them, but I hear good reviews from the people that have. Good luck!
  4. by   iseeu270
    I take courses from Athabasca and have tried other

    places. I find them very good. I enjoy my learning and

    I found them to be one of the more reasonably priced in

    Canada. In short I think they are the leaders in distance

    learning. My neighbour completed her MBA in remarkably

    short time.
  5. by   Stormy
    Just wondering how your studies are going? I started taking courses through Athabasca about the same time you did. So far, I am finding distance education works good for me. I did have a lot of doubts, however. I am now working on my third course, and all is going o.k.
    Good luck and happy studying!
  6. by   JMP
    well- I just got the course materials this week in the mail and have just started looking them over.
    I think the best thing to do is to look at my schedule for work and actually appoint times and days when I have to work on the course. Since I am working shift work this seems to make the most sense.
    I have started with "teaching and learning for health professionals" aka Health studies 390.

    I am about to start working on it this afternoon.

    I appreciate all replies and so far it sounds positive!

  7. by   Stormy
    I also started with Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals. I started my courses in February of this year. (Not sure what I was looking at to think you started then as well. Sorry). I was working as a Clinical Educator at the time I took that course, and really enjoyed it. I chose the topic of "Shiftwork Survival" for my teaching presentation. I have had several requests since that time to repeat my presentation for staff in the hospital. I had a lot of fun doing the course! Let me know if I can help you out with anything
  8. by   LyndaK

    Just found this bulletin board, and was pleased to see that someone else has had experience with Athabaska U. I just signed up for my first course as well. I work as a community nurse in S.W. Ontario, and am hoping that distance education works for me.

    A friend told me that one half credit course at a local university was costing her about $1000.00 and texts, so I think the costs at Athabaska are certainly reasonable.

    I hope I am able to organize my time well enough to handle this! I am concerned that being an "older" nurse, I may not have the study habits and stamina needed for obtaining my degree!

  9. by   canoehead
    Could someone please post the web address for Athabasca? I was unable to find it with an internet search. Thank you.
  10. by   Stormy
    The website to Athabasca University is:

    I too have the same concerns about motivation, being "older" and all. Things I have done to help are:
    1) Set definite timelines. There is a study plan with each course, which I modify somewhat. You have 6 months to complete a 3 credit course. I have done 2 of mine in 2 months, and I am 2 1/2 months into the 3rd.
    2) I have sought out people to study with. The college in my community offers a Post RN program in collaboration with the UofA, but their classes are in the daytime. I found 16 people to take a Health Assessment course (which is transferrable to Athabasca), and the college is running an evening course for us starting in September, and a Research course in the spring. They are accommodating us because of such a high demand. I think a combination of home study and classroom will help keep the motivation going.
    3) Utilize your tutors as much as you need to. They have all been fantastic so far.
    4) Don't be too hard on yourself. Accept that it may take a little longer to get into study mode, but I suspect it won't take too long.
    5) Rejoice in the fact that you are doing something for yourself. My kids are pretty much grown up now, and I can finally do something for me. It feels fantastic!

    Good luck in your studies.
  11. by   Sarahstudent
    I live very close to Athabasca and my friend works at the registrars office. Athabasca is a very small community of less than 5000 people. The University an pulp mills are the biggest industries in the area. It is great to see so many people interested and willing to support a small community. If anyone is planning on taking their MSN I strongly recommend Athabasca because there is a greater teacher student ratio so you can get answers faster.

    Sarah Walker
  12. by   toronto rn
    I recently started at Athabasca as well and am enjoying the freedom to make my own study schedual
    I am nearing the end of the first course Teaching and learning for health professionals, and am a bit nervous about the upcoming exam. Was it easy to schedual and where would it be held, I know I have some flexability in the location, I am in east toronto.
  13. by   Stormy
    Toronto RN,
    I have been off-line for a while - probably because I have been busy working on STATS, which I completed in less than 2 months!:roll
    I hope you got your exam organized and all went well for you.
  14. by   oneLoneNurse
    Sorry, I disagree with most of the comments about Athabasca University. My experience was very, very negative and when I read the comments from fellow students in my class their impressions mostly concurred with mine.

    I enrolled in a Java programming course 3 years ago with Athabasca University. This university took my money and basicly ran. Everything about this course was bad : support and the rudeness of the TAs were memorable. I had already been a computer programmer for two years so I was no novice.

    I know I am using this forum to express my disbelief that a respected Canadian institution would do this, BUT they did. Though they got away with it, it left a sore spot. I don't think it was a very good business decision on their part because news travels.