Associate in Arts degree in nursing, transferrable?

  1. I have my AA degree in nursing finally, after several years of being in college here in the US. I am continuing on for my Bachelors, and here in the US i would only need the remaining 2 years for my Bachelors. Since Aus Universities have 3-year Bachelors degrees instead of 4 like the US does, will my AA degree be accounted for in Australia, and I would only need about a year or so to get my Bachelors? Or will my AA degree be thrown out completely and I would have to do the entire 3 years???? If this is the case, I WILL CRY! I've been in college 6 years now and would like to finish one of these days! Basically I'm done taking unrelated general classes! I should be going straight into the actual NURSING part now, the clinical stuff! Please tell me these classes for my AA degree are transferrable, as I am migrating to Australia in the next few months!
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  3. by   joannep
    Hi, I think you best idea is to contact the universities that offer nursing in the area that you are moving to. Good luck.