ask for advice regarding MD to NP??

  1. I'm an M.D. (foreign medical graduate, not from USA), with experience of working as PCP for 5 years overseas. I finished my ECFMG& USMLEs and iwas ready to go for residency in internal medicine, but i have some problems in my visa so i shifted to nursing(to get green card), i finished my ADN in less than 8 month. now i have NY license as RN. is it wise to complete in nursing up to NP so i can get more experience& understanding the system which can help me in getting a good residency position or to directly to residency??????? if to cgo for NP how can i do this in the least possible time ( from ADN to NP),!!!!!!! idon't know what to do?
    ineed your advice

    thank you
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  3. by   suzanne4
    If you made it thru the exams, go for the residency, if that is your goal. Going for the NP will take you two years, you do not get credit for what you did before as an MD.

    The system is different as an NP versus as a physician. You would also find it very hard in the beginning to go to school for the NP and getting used to working in the US, things are quite different from what you were doing at home.
  4. by   ddsd
    how can you finish ADN in just 8months, I know the Accelerated BSN takes at least 1 year. Which nursing school did you go to?
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    You wrote that you went through ADN and you're now and RN and the reason you did this is so you can obtain a green card. Do you have the green card now? If that's the case, then you shouldn't have a problem getting into an Internal Medicine residency program which will take three years to finish. Going through the NP route will take you three years as well because you have an ADN and not a BSN. Where I went to NP school, the students in the ADN to MSN program go through 1 year of BSN completion prior to entering the full-time 2-year MSN program for NP. It's really your choice, would you prefer sticking with your original MD roots or building up on your new career as an RN?
  6. by   rhp123
    Many foreign-trained doctors become nurses just to get Green Card. I saw report saying Philip has an emergency because lots of doctors switch to nurses just as a mean to immigrate to US or other western countries.

    If the above person already has Green Card, he could get into a residency very easily, no need to go to NP route. In fact, my friends told me if a foreign-doctor has green card, and pass the board, it is almost guarteened to have a residency. Green Card is the key here.