1. Hi everyone. I gave ARNAP this year in alberta. I got my result, i passed the MCQ and in OSCE passing score is 3.5 and i got 3.48 which is only 0.02 less. CARNA said i didnot met the competency as i score 0.02 less in OSCE. They give me full bridging course which is 10 subjects and clinical. There is only one college in all over alberta for bridging intake and its only on oct 1st. And i got my result on oct 30. So i can't apply this year. And next year i am not sure if i will get admission as they have lots of applications and its first come first serve so all depend on luck. I talked to CARNA if atleast they can decrease my courses because its only 0.02 less and mathematically 3.48 is 3.5. I am thinking of going for reevaluation which is another $2500 review fee (alot for me). But CARNA said they are not sure if they will change the result. Should i take risk for reviewing my result. Does anyone here has such situation. What should i do? I am really upset because only 0.02 is less in OSCE and i have to do all courses. Which is too much. Thank you in advance
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