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Hi all. My partner and I are working in Australia at the moment and are due to return next year. We're getting more and more worried that we're not even going to be able to find jobs as nurses... Read More

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    Hi there,

    Your right in that only the old style general training translates directly to usa nursing without doing extra hours but your post kind of made it seem like it was impossible to be a nurse in usa if you are midwife or psychiatric trained. I am a mental health nurse trained 2000 and according to cgfns I am only going to be lacking a few surgical practical hours.

    ANY training midwifery or psychiatric can be made up with hours to be eligible to sit nclex one of the biggest bits of mis information out there for nurses is you have to be general trained this is not the case at all. Even general nurses have to make up hours same as psychiatric and midwives. Plus it is so individual cgfns expected my nursing school to detail all MY placements and classroom time it was unique to me so everyone is different.

    If this is what you meant sorry if I read wrong but I spent 5 YEARS not persuing going to usa because I was so sure only general trained nurses could go to usa and now I fly out 29th December to do a brief semester in usa then sit nclex!!!!!

    Sorry - I re-read my post & it does kinda sound like it's impossible. My only excuse is that I cut my post short because I had to go pick up the kids - I usually do go on to say that you can make up hours etc etc - as you'll see if you pick up other posts of mine around here.

    It's not impossible if you were not general trained but it is harder work & may cost you a bit!