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I just applied to Humber/UNB Bachelor of Nursing program! I'm currently in their General Arts and Science (pre-health) program for my prereqs. Just wondering if anyone else here has applied to Humber?... Read More

  1. by   shabz
    Oh hi, have you been accepted into the BN program yet? I'm just worried about how hard the science courses will be during the GAS program.. i'm not horrible at science.. I did take Chem and Bio and Physics at the University level in Grade 11 and I passed them all. Just want to be sure this is a better choice than going back to high school for a semester trying to bring up my avg to get into the BN program.
  2. by   BosRMT
    For all the GAS students, they "PARK" our applications until our final grades, which is holding a spot for us, then they can accept or deny us. They used to accept based on 1st semester, but then people would slack in 2nd semester. The Chemistry is the easiest of the science. All of the teachers are super nice and happy to help, so if you need extra help they're there, and you could get a tutor. However, going to Humber you can only apply to Humber, so if you wanna go back to highschool for the credits and apply to all the schools that would work too. It's more competitive coming from higschool tho, rather than GAS.
  3. by   futureTBA
    Quote from BosRMT
    oh that's awesome. I'm excited too! I can't wait to really get into the Nursing stuff exciting!
    I agree! I'm a little crazy, still need to finish up my Bio & Chem but I've already ordered Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy to start reviewing for first semester

    I finally got my offer in the mail, it was conditional like I thought but not nearly as frightening as it could have been. Looks like as long as my final mark in both courses is over 70% I'm in. Now to get my first aid done,police records check done and vaccinations updated. That's actually the tough one. When they did the Hep B vaccinations in high school I had an allergic reaction to the first of three injections and my doctor recommended I not complete the course. Now it looks like I'll have to so my new doctor and I will have to figure out a plan for that one. Oddly enough, it's the vaccinations that worry me most. I hate needles
  4. by   BosRMT
    That's awesome you got your package! Congrats
    Hopefully the vaccination go okay. Your body could have changed or the medications could have too. What would happen if you can't get them done? I hate needles too, but I'm trying to get over it. I had to get a Hep A shot for my trip to Dominican Replublic last week and was brave! lol
  5. by   futureTBA
    The doc didn't say I couldn't have them done at the time. Only that if I was ever high risk and needed the other 2, I would be doing them in ER in case of anaphylaxis. So, I think regardless I'll be having them done and will just see what happens. Hep B vaccination is a requirement for clinicals.

    Hope you'll enjoy the Dominican, I haven't been myself but hear some glowing reports.
  6. by   BosRMT
    Oh well that's good you can still get them. Hopefully it goes well!
    Thanks! I'm super excited. I need a good break
  7. by   shabnamjaan
    hi guys....the main reason for why i signed up here is because i need to make a decision about which college to choose. I got accepted to UNB-humber BN and Seneca BSCN I AM REALLY CONFUSED PPL KEEP SAYING its the same and i donno plus im sending this here because i got frustrated i didnt know how to post.....Pleaaaase Help...How do i post and please advice if u can help me........Humber or Seneca? for BN or Bscn.....Thanks
  8. by   futureTBA
    Hi shabnamjaan! Welcome to Allnurses.

    Choosing a school is a tough thing to do, and very individual. For me, Humber was the most convenient in terms of commute. That was important to me because I won't be staying on campus. If you live in Toronto, maybe Seneca will work better for you. What is most important to you about a school? What are you looking to get out of it?

    The 4 year nursing degree is provincially regulated. So you should be getting essentially the same program and education no matter which school you choose to attend. Some people love Seneca, others love Humber and still others will go to whichever school accepts them. You're in an awesome place and you can choose to go wherever you like best.

    I would suggest you book a campus tour of both schools and get a feel for the two campuses. That should help you make your decision. Also, search some of the old threads here on Allnurses to see what others have had to say about both programs.

    Best of luck in making the decision!
  9. by   BosRMT
    BN is equivallent to BscN. The degree is from New Brunswick, and that's what they call it there.