anyone studied at UTS?

  1. I have applied to study the accelerated 2 year nursing program at UTS Kurringai (in Sydney). I am looking for information on the time committment and others experience of studying at UTS. Has anyone studied nursing at UTS (especially Kurringai campus)?
    I have a three-year-old son and a mortgage and although I'm determined I want to know what I'm in for in advance and be as prepared as possible.

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  3. by   freakyaye
    you should see if there is a bridge coure before the degree starts, i dont know about yours but ive looked at programs at victoria uni, la trobe and flinders uni in adelaide, i think its a full time thing with no time for work tho, remember your doing 3 yrs work in 2, im sure its 3 days study, then 2 clinical from program start. well that seems to be at the unis ive looked at. Is kurimangi a reputable school? regional? do you know if mcquarie offer a grad nursing?
  4. by   purplemeech
    Hi Tamtaw,

    I have just finished the 3-year Bachelor of Nursing at UTS Kuring-gai. I can't tell you too much about the accelerated course because I didn't do it - are you an EN already, or have you done some other degree? I know some EN's who did the RN conversion course didn't like the fact that they were forced to do summer school (I think they had to pay extra for this), although there were rumours they were dropping this component (not sure if they have).
    I have also met an RN who did the accelerated course for people who already have a degree (in another area), and dropped out because the course completely skips first year, which means you don't get any basic knowledge before starting 2nd year subjects. This lady was completely lost and ended up dropping out and doing her degree at ACU.
    But having said all that, the 3-year Bachelor of Nursing is a good one!

    Kuring-gai is a nice campus, if you have a car (the public transport is terrible). There is a childcare centre there too if you need one. The staff seem to be very understanding of students with children, and are usually more than happy to give extensions for assignments etc. There is also a lot of support for people who find writing assignments difficult, or who have been away from study for a while. The nursing courses have lots of clinical too.

    Hope that helps, best of luck!
  5. by   Psychopath
    I just finished doing the 2 year accelerated program this year.. as I did the EN course already.. best way to do it I think.. get paid for the 1st year and work as an EN on your days off uni..
    I can't say that I really studied.. bought like 3 textbooks during my time here.. downloaded the rest of the notes off the web..but hey I passed! :P 2nd year is pretty much full on for some people..4 days at uni ..if i recall.. 3rd years a breeze.. well since theres like hardly any exams.. just assignments and workbooks and clinicals.. you only go to uni like a day or so.
    Yea.. i agree that the teachers are pretty good over here.. although there are some which if I ever find their car in the staff parking area....ahem.. anyway
    summer school isn't that bad.. for the accelerated program.. its only 4 weeks.. (2 week clinical, 2 week uni)..just project stuff..
    It is good to have a car when you goto uni.. although they do have shuttle buses between campus..for clinicals its really handy.
    Just remember... the greatest thing about UTS is the fact for EN's you do not have to do a bridging course for 6 months before you start the course! Only 2 years and you're set! I think that keep me going.. well also the amounts of good looking girls on campus! (being male and all..:P)
    The only drawback I can see for doing uni based nursing.. is not getting paid on your clinicals and doing rougly the same nursing duties as you would normally be paid to do!
    Other then that.. relax and take it easy.. and enjoy your time (esp @ the Uni bar!!
  6. by   tamtaw
    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. My husband and his family are totally against me doing nursing...they say stuff like "it would be too hard a job" and "why would you want to wipe people's bums". I find myself wondering if Im doing the right thing or making the wrong choice. So thanks again to everyone who replied. Its really helped.
  7. by   littlem

    Are u studing in UTS now ?
    I'm applying for the 2 year accelerated program ( i have a degree in another area), I hope I can start in 2007 Mar.

    Are u studying for the one has a non nursing degree course or you're a enrolled nurse ?

    After viewing purplemeetch's opinion, I'm a bit nervous about studing accelerated program, how should I do ??
  8. by   freakyaye
    Some universities do have accelerated programs which just exclude the first year, such as melbourne university. The best programs are ones created to be finished in 2 years, rather than just lancing the first year off. I live in victoria, so i can only recommend La trobe university, but good luck!

    and with the bum wiping thing, youll be doing much more than just that (like IVs, meds etc), and if there are any division 3/2 nurses around, they will be wiping instead of you. Our div 2/3s are equivalent to an american CNA or LPN i believe
  9. by   Aussie_Amy
    Hi Tara

    I'm a grad entry student in the accelerated program at Kuring-gai... I'm just finishing off my first of the 2 years. If you need any advice or help with anything just let me know

    Oh - and about other people's comments.... I've found that EVERYONE has an opinion about nursing when you tell them that's what you're doing and 99% of the time it's negative. I think it's a real shame people have such negative attitudes towards nursing and a lot of it isn't based on how things are these days.... You will have times when you will question your choice - everyone does - but just concentrate on why you want to do it and you'll get through. (As you can tell I love it!)

    P.S I think you've made a great choice choosing UTS - all those clinical hours really help to ease you into the "real world" of nursing I think.....
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