anyone applying in ust? - page 2

hi! i am one of the eager to work new nurses. JUst wanted to hear from those who have applied to ust hospital. It's been a month since i submitted my application and until now i haven't heard from... Read More

  1. by   vashRN
    hi crystal_raven! just want to know what happened to your application there?
  2. by   Crystal_Raven

    they're now hiring nurses again =)

    they actually contacted me a month ago for my orientation schedule (the was a freeze-hiring before), i had to decline since i'm now a regular staff nurse in a different hospital =)

    some of my friends who applied there are now trainees
  3. by   vashRN
    wow good for for me, i had my training there dec. last year but i'm not still hired, no vacancy yet...i wonder where will they put the new trainees (your friends).
  4. by   griffin_girl
    i also want to apply there, but my PRC license card is not yet release... but i do have my license#... can i apply?
  5. by   vashRN
    i heard they are still on "freeze hiring". but try still, or give them a call first.