Anyone applying for Canadian registration

  1. I've also put this thread in the Canadian forum, so apologies if you're reading it for the second time!

    I'm interested in speaking to anyone who is/has gone through the Canadian registration process. I want to start myself, but it seems a little daunting, esp as it seems I'll have to do extra training first. I've always wanted to spend a few years in Canada but am starting to be put off and am thinking about Oz as it seems so much easier!!
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  3. by   skyblue75
    Hi Littlehobo.

    I've just finished taking the canadian Nursing exam. It's a tough exam, though but thanks God I did it.

    so wat are ur questions or querries regarding canadian registrations?
    As far as i know, if u havent been practising nursing for the last 5 years, they would require u to take the refresher course. But if are currently working as a nurse then u just have to challenge the exam.
  4. by   littlehobo
    The worry I have is that when I initially apply (prob for BC) I will be told I need to complete courses to make up our lack of training in Paeds, mental health and obstetrics. Was that not your experience? How did the application process prior to being told you were eligible to sit the exam go?

    I qualified about a year ago, which I suppose may have an impact on my application. Where did you apply for by the way?
  5. by   skyblue75
    well, i can only speak for alberta, though. They assesed my ceredentials like TOR, RLE hours and experience. In my case, everything turned out well. They didn't ask for anyhting else and they even toldme that i am already qualified to work as a graduate nurse here while waiting to get the boards.

    If u qualified a year ago, why don't u just continue that application and let them reassess it.
  6. by   madeleine
    I think hobo means she/he qualified as a NURSE a year ago.

    Anyway, Hobo - I have been given to understand that you must have a nursing degree to nurse in Canada. Do you have this or 'just' a Diploma?

    If you look at the websites of the provincial nursing association for where you want to go you will be able to find the practice requirements.

    There was someone on this board a while ago applying for Canada and I seem to remember it took her going on for two years to complete the process.