Any Nurse Entrepreneurs in Canada?

  1. Hello. With all the dissatisfaction in Canada over the working environment for nurses, are there any of you who have ventured off on your own in another nursing-related business? I worked with an RN in Ontario in the early 90's who started her own foot-care business and was quite successful. Have any of you done any work similiar to Legal Nurse Consulting in Canada? Is there such a thing?
    Lynnell Irving
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  3. by   disher
    With all the attention to workplace disastisfaction its probably hard to beleive but I actually like my job. I have been a nurse for 14 years. I have watched many changes in the workplace, I learned to anticipate them and make career changes so that I would be in a postion to still enjoy the challenges.
    I do not know of any legal nurse consultants. I know nurses who work for worker's safety insurance board (WSIB) and insurance companies as case managers. The WSIB nurses have tuition and timeoff to complete their BScN and are given additional education specific to occupational health law. I also know of one nurse who is a lawyer, she was a legal consultant for our union for a few years. I wonder if the education of a legal nurse consultant would be recognized in Canada?
  4. by   Canuck
    Hey I too love my job and love my employer....a 400 bed active, busy community hospital in an urban center. The money is good $31.45 per hour, plus charge...shift diff...w/e's etc etc. Our nurse/pt. ratio's are good; the atmosphere on the Unit is excellent....I wouldn't work anywhere else!! I'm a happy Canadian Nurse!!! (a rare breed???)
  5. by   disher
    Well it's great to know there are other happy Canadian nurses out there. hmm...I wonder what the ratio of disgruntled Canadian nurse to satisfied Canadain nurse is? 10:1, 100:1? If I were to guess the ratio at my workplace I would say there are 10 disgruntled to every 1 happy nurse.
  6. by   bigjay
    I have to chime in and say I'm quite happy where I am too... I work on a 37 bed oncology/medical floor. Of course there are things that could be better but that's true for everywhere, you'll never find a place to work that's perfect

    I'd hate to work somewhere where 9 out of ten of my colleagues were disgruntled... not a pleasent work atmosphere to be sure.
  7. by   blitz
    Where are you working? I'm moving to Saskatchewan at the end of May and I have talked with the nurse recruiters there, at least for the big three hospitals. I was told the top pay was 24.90 and rotating shifts were mandatory. I am currently in Arizona, choose my shifts and make much more than 24.90 an, are there any alternatives? Anyone out there from S'toon that can give me some more information on the nursing situation in that lovely city?