Any healthcare jobs that don't require certification?

  1. Hey, guys! I'm currently a CNA student in the US. I'll have my CNA license by the end of March, but I'll be moving to England with my boyfriend within the next year. I was told that CNA licenses cannot be transferred from the US to the UK. I was wondering if there were any healthcare jobs that I could get over there that do not require certification? Like home care, nursing home jobs, etc. Also, how long do CNA classes in England generally last? I'm taking my class through my high school, so it takes the whole school year.
    If anyone could help me out with answers or advice it would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   babyNP.
    What kind of visa are you going to move to the UK on?
  4. by   Coffee Nurse
    What babyRN said. You can't just move to the UK and get a job. They'll grant you leave for up to six months as a visitor, during which time you are prohibited from seeking employment or recourse to public funds. After six months, you have to have a visa, the categories for which are very specific and restricted. Unemployment here is a problem just as it is in the US, and employers generally have to prove that there is no acceptable UK or EU worker to fill a post before they can offer you the job and sponsor you for a work permit.

    You should really take a good long look at the UK Border Agency website ( before you buy any plane tickets.