Andrew Reyes Review Center for CRNE

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  3. by   carol1048
    I am also looking for the Andrew Reyes review center for CRNE. Anyone with any info, please help.
  4. by   chiminepuy
    Hey Carol,

    I found out that Andrew Reyes right now is not teaching. He's back to school and he's busy. I wrote the CRNE last June, and I went for a review with some other trainers. They are both good. One of them would fill you with knowledge and the other taught me the techniques on how to answer the questions. I just got my result on Friday --- and I PASSED!


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  5. by   icanmakeit
    Wanna ask what province in Canada did you lodge your application?

    I am complete with my papers for CRNM. My next step should this yield favorable results is to find an employer there and hopefully fly and start working via interim permit. Is this idea feasible, or just an extreme optimism in this difficult times. Please shed some light...Thanks.
  6. by   chiminepuy

    Are you out of Canada? I had my registration in Ontario.

    Honestly, if you are not in Canada and seeking registration and employment here, I don't know how that system works. All I know is that different provinces ask for different requirements and they follow different rules.

    I'm sorry I'm not much of a help. But you could always check the website of the nurse's governing body of the province that you applied to. In my case it's the CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario).


  7. by   icanmakeit
    Thanks chiminepuy,

    I am from Cebu Philippines, I already have all the requirements for CRNM. I am optimistically seeking for an offer letter should my application for registration yield favorable outcome. How are you as a nurse in ontario chiminepuy by the way?
  8. by   chiminepuy

    I'd say Ontario is a more competitive province in terms of nursing as a profession. I am not aware that Manitoba is hiring nurses outside the country. Manitoba compared to Ontario has a smaller population, that's why I guess they are hiring internationally.

  9. by   icanmakeit
    Manitoba would also be great for me as I can register there easily...and make the most of everthing from there...
  10. by   chiminepuy
    That's right! Good luck to you and all the best!

  11. by   carol1048
    Thanks for the reply and congrats on passing.
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  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Andrew Reyes has been disciplined by the College of Nurses of Ontario for "disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional conduct" related to his prep course and manual for the CRNE. The details of this disciplinary action can be found here: on pages 54 and 55. Suffice to say, the program is now closed.

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