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  1. Can anyone please give me some opinions in regards to working at various hospitals in Adelaide. We are planning to relocate from Florida to the Adelaide hills and want to commute to Adelaide. My husband will look for work as a mental health nurse while my nursing background is in mental health and physical rehabilitaion. I have heard that the Royal Hospital would be the closest to the hills? Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hello johana, and CONGRATULATIONS on your EXCELLENT choice of Adelaide for living and working!
    If you let me know which part of the hills area you're planning on living in, I'll be better able to advise you.
    The ROYAL ADELAIDE HOSPITAL is in the city and you could expect to travel anywhere from between a half hour to forty five minutes from the hospital to the hills. All depends on which hills area.
    Feel free to PM me and I'll try and be of help.
  4. by   johana
    Hello Grace,
    We would like to rent something in Nairns. My sister, also a nurse, will relocate to Nairns w/ her family in June 2007. And I want to see my nephew for a couple years. So we will be looking for sponsored employment as close as possible to Nairns. Since one of us needs to get sponsored I thought it would be better to work for a large hospital. Can you give me any info on how Royal Hospital rated amongst nurses as far as working conditions are concerned? Do you know how big the Mount Barker hospital is? Sorry I don't know how to PM you at this time. Thanks for your response Grace and I will try to figure this PM thing....
  5. by   Grace Oz
    Here's a couple of links to the two hospitals you've mentioned:

    Since you're wanting sponsorship, I'm thinking the RAH would be your best bet.
    If you're going to live in Nairn, you might also consider the Murray Bridge Hospital:
    Also, here's a couple of links for real estate, rentals etc:
    I hope you might find these useful.

    I trained at the RAH but that was many many many moons ago! I have worked there several years ago when doing agency nursing. Naturally, with the passing of time, things had changed. However, I still found it pleasant to work there and the staff were friendly and supportive. As they SHOULD be! I'm a bit biased where the RAH is concerned, I loved my time there and have wonderful memories of having lived in the nurses quarters and lifelong friendships made. I can tell you it is one of Australia's leading public hospitals though. and in saying this, I'm not being biased! That's just fact!
    Wishing you all the very best as you navigate your way "Down Under".
  6. by   johana
    Thank you for the info and links. The Murray bridge hospital seems to be a good option, while living in Nairne, as I hear the traffic is lighter going there than to Adelaide. We will check it all out.
  7. by   Tiwi
    Hi, I am also considering moving to Adelaide at the end of my grad year next year. I don't know any of the hospitals, and would really like to know how ppl rate them according to such things as staffing levels, level of care provided, conditions, acuity, clientelle etc etc.
  8. by   smhappy
    Hello! all
    I am new to this forum. I am new graduate doing my new graduate at one of the hospitals in sydeny. After i finish my new graduate year in March 2009, I am seriously thinking of moving to adelaide for good. Before that I have to arrange to get job at one of the hospitals in adelaide. I have a look some websites for hospitals. But I am not sure which one might be suited for me. I am looking at to get job at either emergency or ICU. But I am doing my new graduate in perioperative dedicated stream. I am looking for sponsored employment. I like big hospitals, and public hospital. I want to know more about Royal Adelaide hosptial and flinders hospital. I would like to know whether these hospitals provide accomodation for short term and which one is better in terms of education support.
    Thanks alot