Accelerated Nursing Programs in the Vancouver Lower Mainland

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any accelerated nursing programs available in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area. I will be finishing up my Computer Science degree in 2010 and want to move onto nursing because I already know that computer science does not satisfy what I want to do with my life.

    I know that UBC's nursing program takes 2 years, BCIT's take 3 years, Langara is 3.5 years. Are there any other options out there that doesn't take 4 years to complete? Even 3.5 years seem a bit long...

    :heartbeat Angel
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  3. by   _Angel_
    Does anyone have any ideas of any other nursing programs in Vancouver??

    Thanks for all your help,
    :heartbeat Angel
  4. by   Valhalla_Pure
    Hi Angel,

    I currently live in the Lower Mainland, and as far as I know, UBC has the shortest program (2 years). I currently attend BCIT, and am part of their old program, which is 3.5 years. All new entering students complete their BSN in 3.

    I understand your feelings about wanting to get started on your nursing career (I also did a previous degree before starting nursing school), but look at each program carefully when deciding what program is right for you. Ask your self what you want out of a nursing program, and go to the open houses for the different schools. Ask lots of questions (class size, how much clinical time you get, etc).

    Good luck!
  5. by   _Angel_
    Hi Valhalla_Pure,

    How are you liking the BCIT Nursing program? I heard it's extremely intense, because I have a couple of friends to attend there. Where do you find out about Nursing schools and their open house dates?

    :heartbeat Angel
  6. by   Valhalla_Pure
    Hi Angel,

    I personally really enjoy BCIT's program. Your friends are correct, the workload is very intense. But nursing school is difficult no matter what school you attend, so don't let that stop you

    I looked into attending BCIT and UBC. I had taken a year off after I finished my first degree and was ready to head back to school. I chose BCIT because, as I indicated in my earlier post, I wanted a different experience from university. BCIT's approach is very hands on, you start in clinical as soon as week 2 in Level 1. Your instructors know you by name and you call them by their first name. There is a mix of formal lecture, problem based learning (PBL), clinical labs, and online courses.

    What I would do is look on the websites for each of the schools you are interested in. BCITs School of Nursing regularly has information sessions where you can attend and ask questions, plus get a feel for the campus. You can also be a "student for a day" and see what the program is all about before maknig any decisions. I specifically remember having prospective students sit in on our classes.

    Hope that helps!