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  1. Hiii...Can anyone help me in clearing my doubts. My name is Jisha and working as a Staff Nurse in India from last 5yrs. I finished with my IELTS exams and scored overall 6.5. In listening 7.0, Reading 6.0, Writing 6.0, Speaking 6.5. Am I eligible with these scores and can I get an opportunity to work in Canada as a Nurse. What else will I have to do and what is the future process for it.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Check provincial college of RN website on what English scores they will accept.
  4. by   dishes
    IELTS is just one of many steps for IENS to become licensed in Canada, the first step is to have their education assessed by NNAS for equivalency to Canadian nurses. Most IENS education is not comparable or somewhat comparable to the Canadian entry to practice competencies. Many IENs need to undergo further competency assessment and some need to take a bridging program before they reach the point where they are allowed to sit the NCLEX exam. If they do not have permanent residency in Canada they will not be granted a license.

    The title of your post is asking about job vacancy in Canada, currently the majority of nursing employers in Canadian cities have more than enough local qualified applicants for job vacancies. There is no need for employers to hire off shore nurses who require a work visa. If you do plan to go through the process to become licensed in Canada, you will have to go through the process to immigrate and become a permanent resident, otherwise you will not be offered a job.
    Even after completing all of the of immigration and licensing steps, it may take 8 months to 2 years to find a job. You will need to be prepared come to Canada with tens of thousands of dollars to support yourself while completing the last steps to become licensed and before you are actually hired in a nursing job.
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    Hi Dishes ,I may seem not to be patient however I really need to know if am on the right track, what to do more and how to go about it.am a Nigerian RN,waiting for over 5months to be nominated in the canada express entry stuff and very eager to try any other possibilities to work and live in Canada.please I need advice