abortion & the nursing profession

  1. I am working on a paper on abortion for one of my first yr. Nursing classes. There have been some cases in Canada in which some nurses spoke out because the hospitals they worked in were forcing them to participate in abortions. In one case, one nurse wrote an unsigned letter to a newspaper about the issue. In another case, some nurses in another hospital filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission because the hospital
    was forcing them to assist in abortions also. But six yrs. later, there was a settlement b/w the hospital and nurses that staff would no longer go against their religious beliefs and consciences to keep their jobs. Abortions are legal in Canada at every stage of pregnancy. I know it's important that nurses are able to speak out and say their views on the issue. I'm just wondering why else this issue of abortion is important to the nursing profession. What nursing professional organizations, if any, are currently addressing the issue?

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  3. by   parrotmom
    Dangerous subject but do know here in the states they can not force you to participate if it is against religious beliefs. that being said you should be up front about this with the hospital you work in so they are aware and don't (hopefully) assign you tothis case
  4. by   RasberryTea
    I know this is a sensitive subject. I only wanted help and some input with the two last questions I asked, and thought it would be a good idea to give some background info, instead of just jumping ahead and asking them. Parrotmom, I did not say that nurses here are being forced to participate in abortions if it is against their religious beliefs. I gave two examples in which some nurses in certain hospitals were being forced many years ago, and the issue was later settled.
  5. by   Fiona59
    At the hospital I work in, any nurse applying to work in gyne is informed that second trimester abortions are performed and that care of the patient is required. It is clearly stated on the job posting. At the interview questions are asked about how you would care for patients in the following scenarios and abortions are brought into the interview.

    If you are strongly against abortion, you will be weeded out in the interview process and you shouldn't be applying to work there in the first place if caring for a women who has had to make this decision is against your beliefs.

    The same as if you applied to work at the Morgentaler Clinics. You know what goes on there and you would not apply if you were strongly against the procedure.

    No one is forced to work anywhere, there are plenty of jobs to pick and choose from.

    Hopefully, a nurse would be sensitive enough not to force her views on any patient in her care.