18 week Referral to Treatment (RTT) in NHS

  1. There is a pressure from government to move towards 18 week Referral to Treatment (RTT).

    Wondering how other hospitals are doing? Any bright & practical ideas to share?

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  3. by   ann h
    We are getting ready for it.
    I work in the cardiac cath lab
    so chest pain see Dr, ETT, cath, PCI or CABG
    Our patients will have to have all 3 within the 18 weeks from first seeing the dr.
    At the moment we have a max of 12 week wait for each after having ETT.
  4. by   XB9S
    Our biggest drive at the moment is pre-op assessment and other nurse led clinics to free up consultant time and optimise the theatre use.

    We have a nurse led telephone followup for minor post ops, if they have no problems then they are not brought in to OPD which gives more time for new patients.