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I have 2 years post reg experience in elderly care. Im interested in working outside the UK where I got my diploma. Are there agencys who will find me work? Is it possible to temp like for 3 months etc? Where is possible? I am only fluent in English.

Can anyone advise or direct me to a thread where this is discussed.

Thanks very much

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Issues arising wll depend on country. A lot of countries require general trained and that means clinical hours and theory hours on your transcripts in Paeds, Mental Health, obstetrics and Adult. Due to the way the UK trains their nurses you may not meet this requirement. Then you have to if necessary pass the country's nursing exam and then find a employer willing to go the work/immigrant route depending which route you want to take and then meet the country's work and immigration requirements. I would think finding 3 month work permits hard as just not worth the money processing. Australia do a backpacking/work visa and I knew someone who did this for 12 months (initial had 6 months and extended to 12) but you still need to meet the country's requirements. If you check out the Nurse Registration forum in World you may have an idea on the different countries and requirements but generally Australia/NZ will accept UK training

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