International graduates trying to endorse license to California


Hi, Im a newbie here. Im a foreign graduate from Philippines and trying to endorse my license to california. I sent my application on July 11 and they cashed my check and made my breeze account on August 11. My status when i opened my breeze was pending and when you click details it says status open. Does anyone got the same thing as mine? What does it mean if status is "pending" and when you click detail it says on status "open". I need an explanation please. Thanks!😙

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I have the same "pending /open". I applied June 26. I enclosed my previous approval letter pending SSN as I just recently arrived in the USA this year. I applied back in 2006 but was unable to provide SSN so I did not get my license at that time. I am hoping they will give me my license as I am dying to work in California :) I don't want rain anymore lol I graduated in 2005 and I am hoping I will not have any problem with my transcripts.