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International edition for my Med. Surg. book, yay or nay?

by schatze schatze (New) New

For this coming semester we will be using Brunner & Suddarth's 13th edition. I found the International edition for half the price. Yet, I hear good and bad things about international editions. Some say it's exactly the same, some say a few things are different.

This international edition comes as a paperback and they turned the book into two volumes.

Would you buy it? Do you suggest that I buy the regular edition instead? What are some of your experiences with International editions?

I bought the international version for my microbiology class. The differences were that it was a paperback and the pic on the cover was different. Other than that it was the exact same. I was nervous about it at first but I would buy international again.

I'm currently trying to find international versions of my text books. What website do you use?

I would definitely buy. Much cheaper. That is if there is no missing components like cds or access codes you will need.

Plus you can write in them and not feel guilty since they are so much cheaper

I never had any real problems with international editions. One didn't have color pictures, only B&W. Kind of annoying, but the content was the same.

As someone else mentioned, make sure you won't need supplemental materials that come with the US edition. If you won't need them, go for international.