Has anyone worked fro Interim Agency? I'm a R.N. with a total of 10 mths under my belt. I currently work in ccu and would like to try home health.Can any one give be some feed back about this agency?:redpinkhe


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Locally we get all their nurses who leave after


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When I applied to the local office, after I went through all of the preemployment testing and paperwork, three days later, when I called to follow up my application, no one knew who I was. And none of my references had been contacted about me. I also noticed that a flagrant violation of HIPAA was visible in the office. Near the front door, a large whiteboard, with plenty of identifying info, on current cases. When I called back again, hoping that things had been straightened out, same negative response. I told myself, no way, and went elsewhere. I would never recommend this agency.

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