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:redbeathe I believe that i have found my calling. i am wanting to do oncology but pediatric oncology more... if pediatric oncology i cannot get a job i will perfectly satisfied with oncology. it seems ever sense my grandmother (whom i loved so much) passed from cancer all through her body i have been wanting to do this but been hiding it cause i am such an emotional person and noone thinks that i can do this but i know i can! can someone please tell me what i should do? i am in the prenursing program and will transfer to a 4 year university very soon. i am wondering where can i work? i know i want to work at a hospital for at least a year to gain experience. but where else could i work? what else should i do to help ensure me i can get into the program because i want to do this. also are there any side effects to oncology? cause i am wanting to have children one day and do not want to become infertal or anything.... please help me.


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You can work in the hospital on an inpatient floor or in clinic for outpatient infusions. As long as you use the precautions for giving and handling the chemo you should be fine (when ready to have children). All of my many co-workers have healthy babies.


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im so into oncologic nursing..our hospital is a general we do chemos for pediatric, obstrectics and basically we kind of handle different kind of patients and different kind of cases..but im so much interested if i have patients for chemo..i want to be an oncologic nurse but our hospital dont have an oncolgy department so it just as it is..considered as a general ward experience..sometimes i dont know what to write on my resume but general ward..

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