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interested in GI but...


I got to observe in the GI lab and loved it! We just finished up GI in class and I loved it too! I had never even thought about GI until I observed it and now I think about it a lot. The only problem is that it seemed the nurses primarily stood in one spot all day. I want to be on the move and in a faster paced environment. Also, the nurse during surgery just stood in the same spot all day and charted VS and pushed IV meds. Some pt's receieved more than usual dosages per Dr order and I thought that I may not feel comfortable giving those amounts of certain meds but... I dunno. Any advice on GI nursing?

I work in a GI clinic where fast paced is an understatement. I don't generally sit down much, even during procedures. While I may spend some time standing during procedures, more often I am assisting with biopsies or polyp removal or applying pressure to the abd to help move the scope, etc. I've actually lost weight since I started GI a year ago. I really think the activity level varies per each clinic. I would advise that you shadow a nurse in a GI clinic for half a day before you take a job there and see how it goes.

As far as giving the sedation meds, keep in mind that while it may seem like patients were recieving 'larger than usual doses' there is no 'usual' dose. The amount of medication each person can tolerate is dependant on many things, not least of which being what medications they are already taking. Your number one role as a nurse is to be a patient advocate. That means if they are stable and in pain, you push more drugs. It also means that if the doc says to give them more and their BP is in the toilet that you say no to the doctor.

Always remember too, that if the doctor does administer too much sedation, there are reversal agents available that work very quickly and effectively. Just read up on your narcan and flumazenil.

I love GI nursing. We have a great staff and excellent doctors that are fun to work with. Mostly the patients are pretty nice too, and the grumpy ones tend to get a whole lot nicer after the versed!

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