Interest in cardiac nursing and need input for school!

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Hi all!

I just started on today after coming across it. Ive spent 2 hours in our school's computer lab trying to find a good topic for a school project and I want to incorporate cardiac nursing. I'm working on an evidenced based practice research assignment. My trouble is, is that I'm really having trouble coming up with a solid topic to work on. A lot of the medical parts of cardiac interest me (like what is going on at a pathophysiologic level), but we have to focus on the nursing aspect of care and that's where i'm sorta confused. (I apologize if i'm rambling and not making sense, its been a long week with 3 tests in two days.) I'm curious what all of you have seen in your practice that has made you question if thats the best form of care or if there is a better way to do something cardiac nursing related. I really really appreciate any suggestions.


PS: I think i want to do something involving open heart and post-surgical treatment I'm just not really sure where to go from it.

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